Far-western University and Agriculture Program

Far-western University (FWU) was established in 2010 through an Act of Parliament as a government funded national university of Nepal. The central office of this university is located at Bhimdatta Municipality in Kanchanpur district. Since its inception, FWU has been striving to fulfill its responsibility of making higher education accessible to the people of the nation in general, and to the Far-western Province in specific. The FWU envisages six faculties; three in technical subjects; mainly Agriculture, Engineering, and Science and Technology and three in non-technical/ general subjects, namely Education, Humanities and Social Sciences, and Management. The university offers its academic program from fourteen constituent campuses scattered in nine districts of Far-western Province of Nepal. The FWU has started four years of Bachelor program in Agriculture inside the premise of Tikapur Multitple Campus (TMC), about 150 km to the east from university headquarter. TMC is the single one quality assurance and accredited (QAA) consistent college of the FWU scattered in about 220 hectares land. Agriculture is one of the younger faculties of the university with the capacity of 100 students per batch starting from year 2017/18. Overlooking the huge scope of academic development in allied branches of agriculture at Far-western Province, the Agriculture faculty of FWU is planning to affiliate bachelor and master program in Animal Science, Fisheries and Forestry in near future. As per the national level multi-university concept in the country, the Agriculture faculty of FWU makes academic and educational atmosphere more fair, discipline and result-oriented.


Tikapur Multiple Campus

Tikapur, Kailali

Faculty of Agriculture Science

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Email: info@fwuagriculture.com

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